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Defining Money Domination


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What is Money Domination?

Money domination is not about paying and getting something in return. It is finding a Mistress and serving Her to the best of HER needs by spoiling Her and putting Her up on a platform. Sexual favors are never provided. Giving gifts, tributes, money and serving Her well shows complete obedience. Financial slavery plays a huge role in how well a slave can completely serve his Mistress. you should always make sure She is happy,and has everything She wants. If not, you should work 110% harder to make Her happy. your giving is an act of love, submission, and devotion to Her. It should excite you to know that you are helping to make Her 1000 times more happier. The more you do give, the more you show how much you are commited.

Giving Her money

To make Her happy

* By the way, for A/all those who are not stubborn enough to pass over this. Money Domination is only part of My teaching when in My house. Those who don't read deeper into something only reach a wrong conclusion faster. I am seeking someone to be completely enslaved. Meaning that they will have nothing. But I'm not an online money Domme. So next time, read carefully ;)