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The questions you always seem to ask:

The questions you usually ask are sometimes rude and self-centered. I'm answering them now, just so that I don't need to answer them over and over again. Half of them are absolutely none of your business, but since I am looking seriously for a slave, you should know the answers to the questions anyways.

1. How long have you been into the scene?
I have truely been in the scene for 2 and a half years now. I started to be a Domme at the age of 14, however never knew about the lifestyle until I hit the age of 16.
2. How did you become a Domme at such a young age?
I had a boyfriend when I was 14. I was brought up by My mother to hate men, and that they were scum. (She had had a hard time with My father after the devorce.) During My time with this boyfriend, I became bossier, bitchier and treated him more and more like a slave. When finding My love, Master Chris, He talked to Me about the lifestyle and showed Me that I was truely a Domme at heart.

3. What are your favorite aspects of the lifestyle?
I like a lot about the bdsm lifestyle, and don't possibly have enough room to write them down. However W/we A/all have favorites, and majors that W/we like. I enjoy worship, cbt, whipping/flogging/spanking, humiliation, degrading, extreme public humiliation, domestic stuff(like watching you clean), and obviously much more.
4. What are your limits?
I don't have a lot of limits, however there are 3 that stand out drastically. I will not EVER practice animal play or kid play with any slave at any time. I also don't enjoy sissyfication. Other than those, I am very open in the lifestyle.

5. Are you extreme?
you better believe it. Don't come up to Me with any more limits than what I have. I am looking for a full slave, and any more than My limits won't work. you should be very well trained already and know a lot about the bdsm lifestyle if you want to be 24/7.
6. Why do you need so much info from Me?
To tell you the truth this is one of the stupidest questions. Come on, if you were talking on the internet looking for a slave or Owner would you ask 1 question and be happy? I am looking for 24/7. I don't want you to waste My time or vice versa. I need to know if We connect and if you can serve properly.

7. What will you need from Me when I move in and why?
I have a list of things you need but the necessities come first. After you have your visit, and I tell you I want you to move in, you will need a medical statement. It has to be of that month that you are moving in. Why do We need this? Because I must know about your illnesses, you allergies, your deseases, and everything there is to know so that We all can play safely. you will also need an apartment where I live. Since you are gonna be moving here, and trying to get a job around there, it'll take you about 1-2 months to find a job. In that time I am not about to be paying your room and board. the things that aren't as important is a small bed, small dresser, clothes, and anything you need to survive. Finding a job immediately is obviously the best bet, as well as buying the apartment. After A/all of U/us are settled the apartment obviously becomes O/ours legally.
8. What if I can't get everything you want from Me?
Seriously, if you can't get it, then something is already fishy. The non-necessities I don't really care about, however the things you need most are easy, and VERY necessary to have. If you don't have them, you can't move in.

9. What should I do if I own a house/car...(etc)?
Obviously, you'll have no need for a house anymore, and no I don't relocate you do. AFTER the visit, when I say that you are ok to come live with Us, you'll have to sell the house. Since you are seling the house and all the money is going into your bank, yes it will be Mine. Down here you need a car. It's best to bring your car along so that you can get to work, or drive Me around places.
10. What should I do if I own property, or things I am not allowed to bring?
At first, if you are serious about it, and want to bring things, I'd like to know what they are. But I'm warning you now, as a slave, you have no property as soon as you walk through My door to live with Me. Like I said, the property you can't, or are not allowed to bring should be sold. Not only will this help the fact that you brang more money into My house, but also will help if you are having troubles finding a job. Please reasearch the area so that you know your job options. I do not allow animals to come into My house also. I am allergic, so they aren't allowed to come with you.

11. What about My family?
I should tell you, you are a slave, this IS captivity. I only allow one visit a year for 2-3 days, and only 3 phone calls. It is much better if you are not close, or don't have family to interact with. This is a big deal, cause slavery is captivity, so don't expect much.
12. Do your friends or family know about you and the lifestyle and will I have to serve them?
Yes My friends and family do know I am in the lifestyle. HOWEVER, they don't want to know. So to keep them happy I don't talk to them, or show them My lifestyle. At this point I don't know if you will serve My friends or family, but that is none of your concern anyways.

The next few questions that you slaves usually ask are stupid, rude, and sometimes none of your business.

13. Will i have to give over all the money i make when living with You?
Yes. Duh. Like I said, captivity, you will have absolutely nothing. I am completely into the lifestyle and don't make exceptions to people who are ignorant enough to ask this question. your money is Mine to do what I want with. If I feel like giving you food, shelter, clothes, and anything else with your=MY money, then I will.
14. Can i have friends when i live with You?
No. I pretty sure I don't have to explain it. For those who are too stupid to understand this answer read above.
15. What will i be doing at Your house?
I feel like saying "anything I want you to be doing", but I'll be nice enough to write out SOME of your millions of duties. Domestic stuff, such as cooking cleaning, driving Me places and running around for Me. Doing what I say/Master Chris says at all times, no matter what. Worshipping Me/Master Chris. Really, just being a slave.
16. Am i allowed to have sex with anyone else while under Your care?
Do I really have to answer this? DUH, No! First off I don't want you coming back with deseases from whores or whoring around, and how many times do I have to say captivity? you will be practicing chastity, everday of your life, so if you are one of those who need to cum constantly, your in the wrong place.  
17. Are You a sub to Master Chris? Or, is He a sub to You?
Why does there have to be a sub between Us? I don't see what is so wrong with two Dom/mes getting along. I fell in love with Him as He did with Me. We are BOTH pure Dom/mes, and thats one of the many reasons why We would like a slave. SO... neither. We are both Dom/mes, looking for a submissive slave.
18. How often will i be able to release?
This is the most common, most rudest question. Don't ask Me this ok. I will tell you when you can release. I will allow you whenever, wherever or if I feel like it. So don't ask Me it, it just makes you sound like a troll ready to get off.
19. Do i serve Master Chris as well?
Yes. As you'll be living in Our house, you'll obide by both of Our rules. It is a hard thing to serve 2 Dom/mes at the same time. But after training is done, you will be a pro. So when in Our house, you'll serve Us both.
20. What will my attire be?
you'll be dressed in as much or as little, and in whatever I want you to be dressed in at the time. you won't have a uniform to wear constantly. I like change. So it could mean fully clothed, completely naked, or somewhere in between.
21. Will i have a room?
This is also none of your business. We will put you anywhere We please. whether it is sleeping at the foot of Our bed, or locked in the basement somewhere. It also all depends on the way you serve Us that tells Us what you deserve.
22. Will i have a job?
LOL. If you haven't got this question by now, please run away in a corner, wither and die. Yes, you need a job. Yes that is the ONLY time you are EVER vanilla other than the short time with your family..(if that). Just because it is a vanilla job doesn't mean it doesn't require you to serve Me. I might demand you to call Me every 2-3 hours, or e-mail Me every hour. So you can call you job vanilla, but your time may, or may not be.