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Live Ins
As always I am looking for a dedicated slave who is willing to give up his life, and move here to Ontario Canada. he would get a very good paying job and not take a cent of it. It would be a direct deposit into My bank. he would know everything I want from him, and do them.
What I ask above is a big commitment. he and I have to have a huge trust bond, and know what I want out of him, before he is able to serve Me in My house. To do this takes a lot of training. I train for a few months before even allowing a visit to occur. And train a bit longer after that before I could allow a slave to come into My house.
If you believe you are a commited slave, and wish to commit to Me, by all means contact Me.

Mistress Angel

What to expect
-Nothing, to be blunt. However what you do get is limited to your behaviour and what you make of the lifestyle.
-A place to stay
-Complete slavery
-Possible allowance and/or privilege.
-To be in chastity until privileged
I am looking for a slave who doesn't need sexual release often. And one who doesn't need to preform any sexual acts.