Mistress Angel
Master Chris


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Name: Master Chris
Age: 20
Height: 5"9
Waist: 170lbs

Don't ask Me to go on cam, I will if I want to.
Don't tell Me what to do.
Don't ask to show yourself on cam for Me, I'll ask.


Music: Hip hop, alternative.
Movies: Suspence, drama, comedy, horror.
Video games: Wrestling is My fav.
Travelling: To see wrestling shows.
Pets: Dogs, cats.

Who am I?

I am a powerful young man dedicated to getting a real true obedient slave. I know what I want in life, and am straight forward with it as well. Slaves to Me, allow Me to open up more than I already am, explore My power and experiement with My fetishes and likes.
I need a slave who knows what he's talking about, knows what the life is about and has a lot of experience. Needless to say I also want a slave who is very healthy, open, little to no limits and fairly attractive to Me as well. My slave must know the meaning of trust and honesty. If those words aren't in his vocabulary, I won't want anything to do with him.
I want to live a complete life. One with My Angel so that Me and Her live like a King and Queen in Our castle. I have the power, and love to use it. I'm not looking for a buddy, or sexual partner though. I'm looking for a complete slave who knows how to serve and can handle pressure of two Dom/mes.
I enjoy almost all the aspects of bdsm, I don't limit Myself to much except kids and animal play. My favorite aspects are humiliation, bondage, whipping/spanking, cbt. Don't ask Me to call or visit you. I, We don't do that.