Mistress Angel
What you Need


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Make sure to have these items before contacting Me.

Web Cam (even if bad quality)

Mailing address


Msn messenger/Yahoo messenger



Serious Attitude

A GOOD job

Must be able to relocate and work in Canada

(If not in Canada..) Must have a passport and a "working" Visa.

Enough money to reside in Canada(buy a house) Or for 5 months rent.

The most important thing you need is a serious and honest attitude. I plan on getting a live-in (or two) soon, and want to find the right one(s). If you wish to be online only you still need discipline and a serious attitude about the lifestyle. I don't like to fool around. I want someone well disciplined and know he can put up with any card I deal to him. For example, if you can't give Me your home address, phone number, full name, or chastity for an amount of time, don't bother asking to be My slave. I enjoy this lifestyle and love those who I can communicate well with. So please be respectful and be ready to submit.